Jesse 72 1000

    Jesse, one of  the MENTORS

Green Herb72

      Green Herb from the GARDEN 

Chaos… a new series that is a reflection of the chaos around us.  

Connections…  recognizes interrelationships as a reaction to dividedness and otherness. 

Enlightened Systems… In this series, each piece represents an element that illustrates the quote, “All things are our relatives." 

Words…  I originally was inspired by an article I read about a person who translates ancient Chinese poetry. The words he used to describe his work touched me. As I continued, I decided to use some of my own favorite words such as Consider, Change and Pause. These pieces are all 15” x 15”. 

Phrases…  Incorporates common phrases and abstract neon shapes to facilitate a dialogue, creating unexpected relationships between the two.

The MENTORS…  These works depict people who had a significant impact in helping me find my way.

The GARDEN… This is a series of plant like shapes. Many of them are set in flower boxes. The idea, ultimately, is to create a neon garden. 

MIATA series…   Small works that fit into the trunk or passenger seat of my Miata. I wanted to get more experience with texture and cast light so I did this series of small pieces. They are all 15" by 15". 

FOCUS series….  This body of work explores some of the challenges I encounter trying to stay focused and is an appreciation of those times when I am focused. All of these art works are animated which means the tubes fade up and down in different combinations. The pace is slow creating a feeling of meditation. 

SOLO works….  These are individual pieces that are not part of a series. Some were commissions, others were for a specific art show and a few were singular ideas that I had.