Jesse 72 1000

    Jesse, one of  the MENTORS

Green Herb72

      Green Herb from the GARDEN 

Enlightened Systems… In this series, each piece represents an element that illustrates the quote, “All things are our relatives." 

Words…  I originally was inspired by an article I read about a person who translates ancient Chinese poetry. The words he used to describe his work touched me. As I continued, I decided to use some of my own favorite words such as Consider, Change and Pause. These pieces are all 15” x 15”. 

Phrases…  Incorporates common phrases and abstract neon shapes to facilitate a dialogue, creating unexpected relationships between the two.

The MENTORS…  These works depict people who had a significant impact in helping me find my way.

The GARDEN… This is a series of plant like shapes. Many of them are set in flower boxes. The idea, ultimately, is to create a neon garden. 

MIATA series…   Small works that fit into the trunk or passenger seat of my Miata. I wanted to get more experience with texture and cast light so I did this series of small pieces. They are all 15" by 15". 

FOCUS series….  This body of work explores some of the challenges I encounter trying to stay focused and is an appreciation of those times when I am focused. All of these art works are animated which means the tubes fade up and down in different combinations. The pace is slow creating a feeling of meditation. 

SOLO works….  These are individual pieces that are not part of a series. Some were commissions, others were for a specific art show and a few were singular ideas that I had.